Of course, I know it’s ludicrous!

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What if we deliberately leveled the playing field for families? What if we mixed the babies up and spread the genetic pros and cons around a bit? What if we raised each other’s babies?

No, really! Think about it! Why should all the superior brain cells live in the same house? What if the high IQ’s were spread around? A family who isn’t as intellectually capable might contribute some good old fashioned common sense and the combo would be sublime.

When I was teaching, I struggled with a child who could not focus and could not settle down and so…

Spinning the hateful tale…

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Terror-induced shrieking came from the back seat of the car. Can you imagine being strapped into a car seat, unable to get away from an angry buzzing bee? I struggled frantically to find a break in traffic to pull over. We were all stressed and crying by the time I managed to shoo the offending winged intruder out!

It left a phobic scar on my small daughter.

Interestingly though, it appeared that the resulting phobia didn’t involve bees — but spiders. Following the above frightening foray, spiders were in no way tolerated by her little self. The “buzzing bee in…

Well, part of the secret anyway!

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PRESENTING (drum roll, please) …. the secret code to reaching 90 years old — and beyond!

  • Eat hotdogs as often as you can. (If a long life is what you’re after.)
  • Eat cheeseburgers with fries. (But, there’s no need to super-size.)
  • Drink Pepsi. (Not Coke!)
  • Eat bacon ( — fried to crispy perfection. That limp stuff ain’t bacon.)
  • Eat plain ‘ole potato chips and Hershey’s variety pack miniature chocolate candy bars. ( — it’s a bedtime requirement.)
  • Never, ever let them fool you into eating chicken or fish.
  • Exercise. ( — bah humbug!)
  • Watch re-runs of Westerns. …

A school of fish in Maui — a masterpiece of epic proportions — changed me.

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Who can say no to Hawaii? Not me! Even though the ridiculously long flight is highly undesirable — add a COVID mask and it’s barely tolerable — I had to keep in mind where my feet would soon be landing…

Having the privilege of going on a work trip, to a tropical location resembling paradise with my husband, is an amazing perk that cannot be denied.

While on such a trip, my husband and I have to take advantage and appreciate the hour or two, here and there, that we get to spend together.

He is there for work. I…

Please Read the Cautionary Tales (Why didn’t this story take off?)

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These stories still strike a chord of terror in my mom-soul!

I felt like they were told with clarity and purpose; and spine chilling details. Maybe I’m just too close to it to see…

After putting myself through the telling of these tales, I anxiously awaited some confirmation from readers that they were spell-bound — but there were crickets chirping.

That’s not what I expected.

“I Lost my Child at the River” was very well-received, and my most read story to date, and it spurred to to connect it to the above stories.

I would love to know what you…

All dogs need training — but Toby? He pushed me to the limit.

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There are typical dog behaviors, and I soon learned Toby was NOT typical! He was my challenge of the century, pushing his luck to the very limit!

Toby came on the scene as an active, spirited, green eyed pup. He was an eye-candy puppy, always getting tons of attention for his looks. I immediately fell in love with him! Hands down.

Toby wasn’t my first dog. I’ve had a few. Toby was actually number six in the line-up, currently sharing our home with his “brother” Taffy (a medium sized Cavapoo, five years his senior).

So, he wasn’t my first dog…

You are invited to my dad’s famous, small town, little gem of a skit. His delivery made it legendary.

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Please join me for a little tribute to my dad, who was famous for his trademark “NO PIE” act, which was routinely, enthusiastically performed at church talent shows. It was memorable in such a unique way that ANYONE happening to grace our audience that night, couldn’t help but remember, with fondness, the unique and entertaining way in which he would bring down the house.

Presenting: “ NO PIE”

(Restaurant waiter: my dad)

(Customer: also my dad)

(Bouncer: dad — again)

Waiter: begins the show with an imaginary pad of paper and pencil for taking orders.

Customer: sitting, as the imaginary…

Donna Sheehy

I’m Donna — mom of three grown children and grandma to 4. I’m a former kindergarten teacher and I love kids!

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