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The River’s current was swift in places, requiring some back-seat paddling expertise, but mostly it was an easy, fun, floating day.

We had quite the convoy! It was my husband and 3 kiddos, my parents, my 3 brothers, and a pretty good representation of my nieces and nephews along with…


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Dear Parents of thrill-seeking, accident prone and hard-to-keep-track-of Children,

Having a family changes everything. You go from having pretty much just you to look out for, to having children — vulnerable, dependent on you for everything, catastrophe-inviting children.

In hindsight, why were we so encouraging of them as they learned…

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I know there are a gazillion entries in the writer’s contest but somebody’s got to win, right?

I can’t stop thinking and hoping that entries are read without metrics swaying the judging. You know. …

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Most parents know about and utilize “time-out” in some shape or form. When a child makes a misstep they are asked to “sit out” — to settle down and think.

But, do our little munchkins always know the rules before they break them?

Do we think that children will learn…

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Hiding around corners, shooting at shadows. It all feels sinister.

Of course, there’s the adrenalin rush and excitement of hiding in the dark. There’re bouts of laughter and shouts of surprise reminding me of the joy of childhood. …

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In her quiet moments of clarity, Kate knew she was a thief. She knew her actions didn’t align with her morals and ethics. It was clearly wrong.

But mostly, life was busy and full and allowed for little time for reflection on her life’s choices. She was keeping her kids…

Donna Lynn with her big dog. (Photo by Mike.)

If your vacation rental says pet-friendly you’d better read the fine print before booking it. Because chances are, there’s a size restriction. If your dog is over 40-pounds, most of the time, he’s not welcome.

I have two dogs. They are 40- and 80-pound dogs. There is occasionally a place…

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This Seals and Crofts’ song snagged my attention the other day. It’s sweet melody immediately transported me back in time to a magical place.

It’s certainly not a camp song, but it took me back to my teenage years when I would spend a week every summer at church…

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I love chocolate cake. But I would never eat the whole cake in one sitting, nor would I allow my children to do so — that would ruin it!

Chocolate cake is best when eaten in moderation. Somehow, it’s easy to understand this cake-eating-concept, but it can become a little…

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My grandma was so easy going. Everyone said so. Everyone admired that about her, including me. She was always the guaranteed calm in any storm.

But easy-going doesn’t mean door mat.

When there was a reason to stand up for something she didn’t sit idly by. She remained calm, kind…

Donna Lynn

I’m Donna — mom of three grown children and grandma to 4. I’m a former kindergarten teacher and I love to write.

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