Photo of author, Donna Lynn, from her files.

I have some former stories that you may have missed! Maybe, just maybe somebody is looking for me — and my writing style. Or, maybe YOU just missed one of my gems.

We read, we write, we move on. But, what if it’s time to pause and reflect? My Medium…

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I love Santa. Christmas IS the most wonderful time of the year. (Yet admittedly, stressful and exhausting, I don’t want you to think I live in Utopia-Land or anything!)

Does there have to be that ONE RUINED CHRISTMAS?

But, what about the inevitable Santa REVEAL that most families eventually suffer…

Photo by Mike Arney on Unsplash

Oh! What fun it is! — to see little trick-or-treaters accompanied by costumed parents — you just never know what characters you’ll come across when looking up the street on Halloween!

Wait, what?! It’s “Halloween Santa” in full regalia — holding hands with tiny-little Spider Man and medium-sized Cinderella.


Photo by André Spieker on Unsplash

I couldn’t believe it! Sparkling puppy eyes peered up from a dilapidated cardboard box. FREE in black sharpie was written on the broadside of the container. Garage sale shoppers were milling about the driveway and some were holding puppies scooped from the box.

They looked suspiciously like pure bred Labradors.

Donna Lynn

I’m Donna — mom of three grown children and grandma to 4. I’m a former kindergarten teacher and I love to write.

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