Welcome! Thanks for visiting! I am Donna and a mom of three grown children, grandma to 4 and a retired kindergarten teacher. I love kids! And, I have spent a lot of time with them… resulting in many moments when I have had growing concerns, (Yikes! Now, what do I do?) At times, I have had to live in survival mode (do you know what I’m talking about?) … but as time passed, I discovered some tips and tricks, for working with the little ones, that I have used both at home and in the classroom. I would love to share with you! Sometimes, my mom-life inspired me with ideas for the classroom and sometimes it was the other way around! I hope my posts will be a spring board for you… as you take my ideas and then personalize them for your unique situations. I know that you and your kiddo can do more than survive childhood’s ups and downs; you can thrive! There are good times ahead as we shape and influence today’s kids by always thinking, “what’s best for them?” And, don’t we all benefit by helping each other? Because… Kids Are Worth It! Let the good times grow!

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Donna Lynn

I’m Donna — mom of three grown children and grandma to 4. I’m a former kindergarten teacher and I love to write.